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Tana Jenkins 
Award-Winning Author


Step right into the wonderful world of Tana Jenkins, the Amazon and Barnes & Noble bestselling author whose words are making hearts race and imaginations soar! As a master storyteller, Tana has captured the hearts of fans across the globe with her enchanting tales of sweet and contemporary romance, as well as her gripping urban fantasy. From the pages of her latest chart-topping novel to her beloved backlist, this official website is your gateway to a world of unforgettable characters and thrilling adventures. Come on in and lose yourself in the magic of Tana's writing!

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About Tana

A Life in Words

Tana Jenkins is an award-winning author who's taking the literary world by storm. Not only was she named 2022's Debut Author of the Year by RSJ, but she's also a former high-profile criminal defense and civil litigation attorney who's swapped her law books for romance novels.

Born and raised on the Great Lakes, Tana's childhood love of stories led her to pursue a B.A. in film and fiction writing from Columbia College, Chicago. After working in film and publishing in New York, Tana honed her craft at VONA, Kweli, and Yale under the great Julia Quinn.

Ever passionate about the magic of love, Tana's storytelling brings this magic to life through richly imagined plots featuring lovable and quirky characters. As a multi-racial/African American writer, Tana is committed to writing diverse characters in interracial romances—a nod to the notion that love knows no boundaries.

Tana's book Slow Dancing in a Black Storm won an EMMA for Best Sweet & Clean Romance in 2022, and her paranormal romance, Midnight Beacon, earned second place in RWA's On the Far Side literary competition in 2021.


When she isn't writing, she's living her own HEA on the Great Lakes with her college sweetheart and their adorable rescue. So, if you're looking for a romance that will make you laugh, cry, and fall in love, look no further than Tana's books.

Sailing into the Heart

A childhood marriage dream comes crashing into the rocky reality of adulthood in this love story between a woman who is an island unto herself and a man for whom the world is not enough.


As the two navigate conflicting ideas about the future of a small island's boat-building school, Sydney St. James realizes Devin Fox might be the life raft she didn't know she needed.


Will Devin realize that Sydney, his first friend, first kiss, and first marriage proposal (at the tender age of nine), is a safe harbor for his heart — the last and only woman he's ever truly loved?

Set in Mackinac Island, MI, this is Book One in the St. James Sisters collection.


*The St. James Sisters collection is a sweet romance series about three sisters and their found families' journeys to love. Each adorable story takes place on one of three different islands. So far, there are six heart-warming books in the collection.


If you're looking for a sun-dappled, water-filled, HEA that will leave you with all the feels, check out this series!

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Slow Dancing
in a Black Storm
EMMA Award-Winner 2022!

Career-focused prosecutor Mila St. James doesn’t dance. Nor does she break the rules. She works. Hard. And she’s spent the last few months preparing for the biggest hearing of her career. The one thing she doesn’t anticipate is the public opposition. She gets her first taste in court, when the judge repeatedly silences her, leaving her in a state of humiliation as she storms out of the courtroom—right into the incredibly sexy Sergio Gomez.

Also known as the “Playboy Fisherman,” the musician and former professional soccer player is actually a sensitive soul who keeps his family’s restaurant afloat by catching fish with his rooster friend. While Sergio and Mila are stuck together overnight riding out a treacherous storm, he glimpses the truth beneath her tough exterior. Now he just wants to convince her to be the exception to all of her carefully crafted rules.

But when Sergio’s named as the primary suspect in her case’s criminal investigation, Mila must decide whether to follow her plans or her heart.

With the stunning backdrop of St. Croix and the high stakes of a legal drama, Slow Dancing in a Black Storm is a heart-pumping romance that will leave you breathless. Don't miss out on Book Two in the St. James Sisters series! 

Still Life with Lobster

Available Soon

From Tragedy to Triumph: A Heartwarming Tale of Love and Healing!

Get ready to be swept away by the touching story of Zoey St. James, a talented young doctor who faced unimaginable loss, yet never gave up on her dream.

But when her boss assigns her to work with the notoriously difficult 50's starlet, Virginia Sunders, Zoey's dreams are suddenly in jeopardy. The diva's baseless complaints, executed by her handsome and enigmatic grandson, Chase Sunders, threaten to derail everything Zoey has worked so hard for.

As Chase and Zoey butt heads, they can't deny the intense chemistry between them. But with Chase's grandmother's health rapidly deteriorating, their blossoming romance is suddenly put to the ultimate test. Will Zoey be able to save the woman who means everything to Chase, and in doing so, win his heart forever?

Still Life with Lobster is an uplifting tale of love, loss, and redemption that will keep you on the edge of your seat until the very end. With its compelling characters, delightful plot and sweet romance, this book, set on one of Detroit's lesser known islands, is a must read! 

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Wolf at the Door - Releasing October 6th

Available for Pre-Order Now

Some secrets take a lifetime to discover…

It’s been four years since June Chambray’s beloved husband George disappeared. Her family has accepted that he is gone and have moved on — but June cannot give up on her soul mate so easily. She senses he is out there, and she feels things awakening in her ninety-two-year-old body that she cannot explain.

When she follows a mysterious wolf into the woods to find her George, her family is convinced the elderly woman is slipping into dementia and is no longer safe living alone. But June has other plans; she knows she is of sound mind, and she knows there are answers beyond what seems rational. Something is growing deep within June, something animalistic and powerful, something that has always been with her but is only now ready to be unleashed.

Is it madness? Or is it magic?

Find out in this story, not about new love, but about the power of true, enduring love — love that transcends time, space, and imagination.

Wolf at the Door is Book One in the Chambray Shifter series.

Little Black Ugly

  a short story

Pushcart Nominated love story for the chronically underestimated.

Little Black Ugly Cover.jpg

Limited Edition Anthologies - Available in Kindle Unlimited Now -
*Each anthology features a new story from the world of the St. James Sisters!

Shades of Love Limited Edition Boxset of Black, Multicultural and Interracial Contemporary Romances

Features: Love Rescued


Features: Cupid's First Christmas

BookBrushImage Run Run Rudolph Book cover.png

Features: Love is the Treasure

“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

Franz Kafka



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