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Tana Jenkins 

Award-Winning Author of Paranormal Romance & Fantasy

Welcome to the official website of Tana Jenkins, Author. As a prolific Author, her mission in life is to tell stories of all kinds. Take a look through the site to find everything from her latest work to past projects.


About Tana Jenkins

A Life in Words

Author and attorney Tana Jenkins, has always been passionate about the magic of love. Her storytelling brings this magic to life using richly imagined plots featuring characters that are often as loveable as they are broken. And as a multi-racial/African American writer, Tana is particularly interested in writing diverse characters in interracial romances--a nod to the notion that love knows no boundaries.

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Slow Dancing

in a Black Storm

a novella

Paperbacks available on Amazon
Ebook and audiobook available now on Scribd

Prosecutor Mila St. James has spent weeks preparing for her big hearing. The one thing she doesn't anticipate is the public opposition. She gets her first taste in court, when the judge repeatedly silences her, leaving her in a state of humiliation as she storms out of the courtroom--right into the incredibly sexy Sergio Gomez.

Sergio is one of the many people on the island of St. Croix opposed to the case that could make or break Mila's career. Known as the island playboy, Sergio, as Mila finds out, is a sensitive soul who keeps his family's restaurant afloat with the fish he catches with his rooster friend, takes care of the house owned by his aunt where Mila is staying, plays music with a passion Mila has never known, and rescues her from a terrible storm.

Will these uneasy neighbors overcome their differences to become more than friends and adversaries? Or will jealousy, betrayal and conflicts of interest tear them apart?

Set in the U.S. Virgin Islands, Slow Dancing in a Black Storm is the second book in the St. James Sisters collection. 


Sailing into the Heart

            a novella

Ebook and audiobook available now on Scribd!
Paperbacks available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble!

A childhood marriage dream comes crashing into the rocky reality of adulthood in this love story between a woman who is an island unto herself and a man for whom the world is not enough.

As the two navigate conflicting ideas about the future of a small island's boat-building school, Sydney St. James realizes Devin Fox might be the life raft she didn't know she needed.

Will Devin realize that Sydney, his first friend, first kiss, and first marriage proposal (at the tender age of thirteen), is a safe harbor for his heart — the last and only woman he's ever truly loved?

Set in Mackinac Island, MI, this is the first book in the St. James Sisters collection. 


Little Black Ugly

  a short story

Pushcart Nominated love story for the chronically underestimated.

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Coming Soon! (Check back, or drop me a line in the contact section for the release dates.)


“A non-writing writer is a monster courting insanity”

Franz Kafka



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